Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is the aspect of our church’s ministry that is concerned with the well being of both individuals and the community. As Christians, pastoral care is first and foremost an attitude of care for each other, which is the responsibility of every church member. Our prayer and goal is that Orchard Hill creates a relaxed and warm environment where ministering and caring for each other within the body of the church is the norm.

Organized Pastoral Care at Orchard Hill is taken care of through:

Emergency Needs/Visitation

There are times when crises arise and you need to reach out for urgent care. If it is during business hours, you may call the church office and be connected with one of the pastors, or email

If it is after business hours or on the weekend, contact the pastoral care emergency line at 616-649-2840.

Email Prayer Line

To have a prayer need placed on the email prayer line, please contact Terri Thompson in the front office by phone or email. To receive the prayer line by email, sign-up via the “Care” tab at the top of this page.

Care Callers

These are individual volunteers in our congregation that make calls on members of the congregation that are considered shut-in and may need a little extra attention.

Visitation Coordinator

Recognizing the special needs of some of our seniors and Shut-ins, our Visitation Coordinator serves Orchard Hill in a part-time capacity to make home or hospital visits. Contact Visitation Coordinator Bev Buikema.

Prayer Ministry

Following our morning service, teams of intercessors are available to pray with you. Simply come forward after the service and request prayer.

Pastoral Counseling and Care

If you are in need of an ear to bounce something off of, in spiritual indecision, or need pastoral care, contact the church office to be connected with Pastor Bob or Pastor Laura.

Stephen’s Ministers

These are trained volunteers to give support in long term crisis like death of a loved one, health issues, or divorce. These volunteers will give one on one care in weekly contact with the person in need. To request a Stephen’s minister, contact Phyllis Russel at

Compassionate Christian Counseling

Orchard Hill is happy to host Compassionate Christian Counseling in-house. Do not struggle alone. We are here to help! To set up an appointment, call 616-296-2130 or email


Groups are a great place to receive support and care from your church family. When a person is a member of a group, care will usually operate through that community of people.