Worn Out


  • September 13          Worn Out: Rest From Burdens
  • September 20          Worn Out: Rest From Conflict
  • September 27         Worn Out: Rest From Uncertainty 


Are you worn out? You’re not alone. As the world seems to get more chaotic and new crises arise every day, many of us are left feeling this way. We are worn out from the division and brokenness we see and feel in our communities. We are worn out with empathy in the face of pain and uncertainty…the list could go on. In seasons like these we often struggle to know how to faithfully navigate through the difficulty without becoming worn out mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Join us on Sundays in September as we seek God’s direction and discover how He can renew our spirits and give us rest for our souls, keeping us from becoming worn out!




Glory Thieves


  • August 2:          Naaman: Stealing Blessings
  • August 9           Israelites: Stealing Control
  • August 16         Nebuchadnezzar: Stealing Credit
  • August 23         Jonah: Stealing Opportunity
  • August 30         Samson: Stealing Gifts 


As God’s children we were created to live for the glory of God. But sin corrupted the original design, and now instead of living for the glory of God, we try to steal that glory for ourselves. This series will look at several Old Testament personalities who took credit for what only God could do and then challenge each of us to consider how we might be robbing God of his Glory. 



FAITH IN ACTION: Mission India Relief Project

In the face of COVID-19, the Prime Minister of India has shut down the country, leaving those who live hand-to-mouth (80+ million people) in a place of hunger and desperation- a literal life or death matter. In this time of need, God has provided a wide-open door to sharing the good news in India and Orchard Hill Church is saying “Yes!” to running through it with our partner, Mission India, as they bring food, healthcare, and the truth of Jesus to those very people!

Say “Yes!” with us by:

Orchard Hill Church

1465 Three Mile Rd NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49544