Dealing With Doubt 



  • May 2                When the Bible Doesn’t Add Up
  • May 9                When You Don’t Feel Like a Christian

  • May 16              When Culture Shifts Direction         

  • May 23              When the Church Misses the Mark 

  • May 30              When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

We want to invite anyone who is experiencing doubts in their faith to press in this May as we address common doubts people wrestle with. Each week we will tackle a specific doubt and give you a strategy on how you can stand firm in your faith.



 On Earth As It Is In Heaven




  • April 11              A Wedding Feast     
  • April 18              Our Father’s House
  • April 25              Paradise

As Christians we have victory over the grave and look forward to our eternity in Heaven with God.  While the Bible doesn’t tell us exactly what Heaven will be like, we do get some awesome images of our heavenly experience. We are going to look at those images in anticipation of the hope we have, as well as the environment we as God’s children are called to cultivate now in our present reality on earth.  


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