Current Series

Holy Spirit Power


  • May 7:        The Spirit’s Identity
  • May 14:      The Spirit’s Filling
  • May 21:      The Spirit’s Blessing
  • May 28:      The Spirit’s Role (Pentecost Sunday with Communion)


For the month of May, our sermon series will be on the Holy Spirit! We will learn about  who the Spirit is and the Spirit’s role in our lives. Our final week we will celebrate Pentecost- the day the Spirit was given to the Church!


Because He Lives


  • April 16       BECAUSE HE LIVES, I Can Overcome Temptation
  • April 23       BECAUSE HE LIVES, I Can Meet with God
  • April 30      BECAUSE HE LIVES, I Can Face Trials


For these three weeks, we will continue our series on Because He Lives. We’ll discover how to live with the power of the resurrection.