Current Series

Hearing God's Voice


  • April 7: God is Knowable
  • April 14: Why do we want to hear from God?
  • April 21: Preparing to Listen
  • April 28: How do I know God’s Voice?


We continue our Year of God focus as we begin a new message series entitled, “Hearing God.” With many voices competing for our attention- the voice of the world, the voice of our flesh, the voice of the enemy- it’s necessary that followers of Jesus tune in to the leading of God’s voice. In this series, we address the question, “How can we KNOW and HEAR God’s voice?” This transformative series will help you see how you can confidently be led by the voice of God to follow Jesus more faithfully.


I AM The Year of God


  • January 7: The Year of God-Introduction
  • January 14: CHURCH CANCELLED
  • January 21: None like Him: Infinite
  • January 28: None like Him: Omnipotent
  • February 4: None like Him: Omniscient
  • February 11: None like Him: Eternal
  • February 18: None like Him: Immutable
  • February 25: None like Him: Transcendent/Imminent
  • March 3: None like Him: Sovereign-Part 1
  • March 10: None like Him: Sovereign-Part 2


Our focus for the year of 2024 will be on understanding and knowing God at a deeper level. Our desire, hope, and prayer is that this year-ling focus will enlarge our knowledge of God creating a firm foundation from which all of life and faith can stand upon.