Watch an overview and introduction to the book of James

James – Faith that Works


  • Reading for May 10           Read all of James
  • Reading for May 17             James 1:2-18                       
  • Reading for May 24             James 1:19-27                    
  • Reading for May 31             James 2:1-13                       
  • Reading for June 7              James 2:14-26                    
  • Reading for June 14            James 3:1-12                       
  • Reading for June 21            James 3:13-18                     
  • Reading for June 28            James 4                                
  • Reading for July 5               James 5:1-12                       
  • Reading for July 12             James 5:13-20                    
  • Reading for July 19             Re-read James


As you strive to apply and live out a faith of action, consider these three questions in response to the morning message:

  • Why and how do you struggle with this in your own life?
  • How are you already living this out in big or small ways?
  • In addition to prayer, what is one thing you can do to start growing in this area?


Join us for further discussion into the book of James on Wednesday night at 7:00PM via a Zoom Meeting as we look to understand and apply the week’s passage more fully.
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FAITH IN ACTION: Mission India Relief Project

In the face of COVID-19, the Prime Minister of India has shut down the country, leaving those who live hand-to-mouth (80+ million people) in a place of hunger and desperation- a literal life or death matter. In this time of need, God has provided a wide-open door to sharing the good news in India and Orchard Hill Church is saying “Yes!” to running through it with our partner, Mission India, as they bring food, healthcare, and the truth of Jesus to those very people!

Say “Yes!” with us by:


Resurrection Series

An engaging and informative four-week series from 1 Corinthians 15 centered on the resurrection and its implications.

Sunday, April 12 – Easter Sunday “More than Snake Oil!”

Sunday, April 19 – Resurrected Bodies -What will our bodies be like when we are raised to life?

Sunday, April 26 – Resurrection Day – What will happen on the day we are raised to life?

Sunday, May 3 – Resurrection Life – What will we do when we are raised to life?

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