Sunday Service

Simply put, a worship service at Orchard Hill is made up of ordinary people coming to together to bring honor to an extraordinary God.

When worshiping at Orchard Hill you will find people from many different walks of life who have experienced the love of God in many different ways.  That’s the beautiful thing about Christians gathering together or “going to church.”  We gather to experience God and engage with other people through singing, praying, and hearing God’s word.  Worship services at Orchard Hill do not fit a particular mold—the goal is not to be contemporary, traditional, cutting edge, or old school.  As a church we want to be passionate and authentic in our worship of the One who made us and sustains us.

We hope you will join us sometime and experience the power of God’s Spirit in worship through His people.  It’s definitely something extraordinary!

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What to Expect

The worship service on Sunday morning starts at 10:00 AM, but we recommend you get here a few minutes early so you can grab a cup of coffee and get settled.

There are driveways and doors on both sides of the church and you can enter through either set. Once you are in the building, you will see signs hanging from the ceiling that will help you find your way. The Worship Center is located in the center of the two doors; it’s pretty easy to locate, but feel free to ask someone if you’re unsure.

OK, so people are creatures of habit. It’s funny, but most folks tend to sit in the same seat from week to week. But the fact is that we do not have assigned seats and there are no ticket stubs to check! Find a seat you like and make yourself comfortable!

That’s an easy one, wear whatever you feel comfortable in. You will undoubtedly see some suits and you will see some shorts or jeans. Most people attending our worship services are in business casual clothing.

No. We do pass a collection plate for God’s tithes and our offerings, but that is something that members do to support the work of Orchard Hill. If you are visiting, there is no expectation that you have to give something.

Well, that all depends on what you choose to do. Our worship services usually last about an hour and 15 minutes. After worship you may choose to leave or you can join us for coffee/punch/cookies and fellowship in the lobby.

Orchard Hill offers secure nurseries (KidzCare) for infants and toddlers, but you are welcome to keep your children with you in the worship center. Of course, they might have more fun in the nursery. We do have children’s ministry for preschool – 5th grade. Just bring your kids to the Kids Wing before the service begins. At this time, masks are required. If you are not comfortable having your kids attend children’s ministry, we do have bags available with activities inside for them.

Well, if you are reading this on a Sunday morning, your best bet is to come on over to the church and ask one of the people with nametags….they will be happy to help you! If, on the other hand, you are reading this Monday through Friday, you may want to call us or send us an email.