Dinners for 8

Friendships are formed around food! Picnics for 8 is an opportunity for groups of eight people from Orchard Hill to connect in a casual, relaxed atmosphere around dinner.

How does Picnics for 8 work?
Simply fill out the questions below. You can sign up as singles or couples (mom & dad, this is your chance to get out as a couple without the kids). Once groups are formed, your host will contact group members to arrange the details of the gathering. If you are interested in being a host, please indicate on the sign-up form.

When do the dinner groups meet?
One time during June, July, or August months. The host will present a couple of date options to your group with the goal of finding a date that works for everyone.

What does the host do?
They host the dinner at their place of residence and contact group members to organize the details for the dinner, like the date and what those coming can bring for the meal.

How are the groups formed? Can we be in the same group as our friends?
Each group will be thoughtfully formed by our coordinators and consist of eight adults. Since the intent of the dinners is to get to know new people, we will not accommodate requests to be in a certain group. The mystery is part of the fun!

Will there be separate groups for singles, couples, or different ages?
No. Our intent is to mix everyone together!

Register below for our Summer Picnics for 8!

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