Dear Orchard Hill Community,

The Woodchester Mansion in Great Britain is famous because it was abandoned by its builders in the middle of construction. While from the outside, the building leaves the onlooker struck by its beauty, inside the building has remained in its unfinished state since the mid-1870s… so much potential left untouched for so long. The Woodchester Mansion could be an image of where Orchard Hill Church stands today. Twenty-five years ago, Orchard Hill was started on forty-acres of farmland to be a “light on the hill” for the surrounding neighborhood. With praise and thanks to God, Orchard Hill is presently a busy hub of ministry and is serving as a presence of Christ in our community. We believe, however, that the full-potential of Orchard Hill has not yet been realized. Right around us there are still many unreached and hurting people in our community who need to experience the light of Christ. In some sense, like the Woodchester Mansion, Orchard Hill is not quite complete. Today, in God’s timing, we who are part of Orchard Hill find ourselves with a challenge to bring that vision to completion. We must “git ’er done!” In 2nd Corinthians 8:11, Paul exhorts God’s people to, “Finish the work, so that your eager willingness to do it may be matched by your completion of it, according to your means.” Friends, now is the time for our church family to generate the same passion and willingness that drove the bold vision at the start of Orchard Hill Church so we can now complete the project! Starting in October, therefore, we will be launching our “Git ’Er Done!” Campaign.

The “Git ’Er Done!” Campaign will focus on four important initiatives over the next three years:

1. We will eliminate our building debt by raising $1,000,000 in order to free up our resources to be strategically used toward other ministries and mission.

2. We will enlarge the Kingdom through 1000 new commitments to Jesus Christ as we reach our community with the Good News.

3. We will expand our reach by adding 100 new contributors to the ministry of Orchard Hill so we can operate with all our available assets.

4. We will empower our ministry by each committing to 10 minutes of prayer a day for Orchard Hill Church.

I believe as we focus on these four intiatives over the next three years we will be well positioned to see Orchard Hill live fully into our present mission “to reach hundreds of individuals and fami-lies in our surrounding neighborhood to see them become devoted followers of Jesus Christ.” What do you say? Will you put forth an eager willingness to finish the work that God has started, and in partnership with Him “Git ’Er Done?”

Pastor Bob



Orchard Hill Church

1465 Three Mile Rd NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49544

I have been working on plans for our next stewardship campaign that we have entitled “Git ’Er Done.  The emphasis of this campaign reaches beyond simply raising money by looking at several initiatives we need to engage in as a church to see the mission God has entrusted to us completed.   One of those initiatives is that we will see the Orchard Hill Church family share the Good News with 1,000 people.  “Did he say 1,000 people?”  Yes, I did.  This goal amounts roughly to each one of us sharing the Good News with one person a year.   For some I know that evangelism is daunting, even frightening. However, evangelism should take place as we naturally engage with people around us.  As we have normal conversations, we are to look for opportunities to speak to people about Christ.
I want to encourage you to think about, “Who is your one?”  Then prepare yourself to share the Good News:  
1. Know the gospel We must know the Good News in order to share it with others.  Here at Orchard Hill we use a tool called “The Four” in order to help us communicate the Gospel to others.  Follow this link to see how to present the Gospel using “The Four.”
2. Live your life in light of this gospel. As this gospel takes root in our own lives and we begin to apply it to our marriages, parenting, relationships, and lives together as a church, then our lives will be markedly different than the world and thereby attractive. How can we announce that this gospel is the power of God to save and change lives if we who profess Christ continue living just like the world?
3. Pray for unbelievers One reason unbelieving people are not on our minds is because we don’t pray for them. Make a list of unbelieving people and begin praying for their salvation. But also ask God to open doors for the Good News to be shared, then by faith be obedient when the opportunities arise.
4. Be willing to share your life with unbelievers
 If we are going to reach unbelievers, we need to get to know them: where they live, shop, eat, recreate. Look for opportunities to relate with them where they are, instead of thinking they will come to us. Let us wisely share our lives with unbelievers: talking to them, inviting them to church or into your home for a meal.
5. Invite unbelievers to hear your story or to church. Invite the unbelieving, to hear your testimony of the good news as the Holy Spirit needs and also offer and invitation to come to church so that they may see the people of God in action and hear the gospel proclaimed. Most are open to these invitations; the problem is that we don’t ask!
I hope you can begin to build these steps into your life and be a part of accomplishing the work Jesus commissioned us to do.  Be sure to join us for the “Git ‘Er Done” series starting on November 13.

Pastor Bob