Tithes & Offerings

Generosity: It’s impossible to out give God, but you’ll never regret trying!

We serve a generous God. The Bible tells us that God generously gives you time and time again good things you don’t deserve and could never earn, like grace and forgiveness. (Lam 3:23) God also gave the ultimate gift, His son, for our sins. When you hear us talk about generosity, following the example of our God is what we mean. God freely gave to us, so we freely give to Him. God created you with His generous spirit. We want to help you embrace it by encouraging you to give and support the work of God’s Kingdom through Orchard Hill Church.

Dave Ramsey Generosity Video

Here’s a brief video from Dave Ramsey that helps us understand the importance of generosity within the life of faith in Jesus Christ.


If you have questions about what you can give and how to give it, we’d love to help you figure it out. Contact Randy DeYoung at

Ways to Give:

Give Online

Use the link on this page to sign-up for a mogiv account.


Text to Give

Set this option up through your mogiv account and text to give.

Traditional Giving

Use Cash or Checks on Sunday morning. We have weekly offering envelopes available.

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