“Read your Bible!”

We have all heard that statement before. You may have heard that command from your pastors, your parents, or possibly even some of your peers. While we all have heard this command before, statistics show, that very few people actually do read the Bible. I believe one of the biggest reasons why this is the case is because of a great misunderstanding.

All our lives we are trained to read for information. In high school we read books in order to get enough information to pass a test. When we get to college, we read books in order to get enough information to write a paper. When we grow older, we read the newspaper in order to get information about what is happening in our world.

Our culture has driven humans to become information gatherers. It seems that we are simply people of knowledge. Unfortunately, this now causes us to read the Bible with the purpose of simply getting more information about God and our Christian faith. To be honest, reading the Bible in order to simply get more information is boring! It is repetitive! There is no urgency to read the Bible because gathering information about our faith happens every Sunday morning!  

We need to correct this great misunderstanding. I want to suggest that reading the Bible should not simply be about gathering more information about God or our faith. The great D.L. Moody says, “The Bible was not given for our information but for our transformation!” God has given us the scriptures in order to both KNOW him and to become more LIKE him.

My challenge for you is to reconsider the purpose of engaging in scripture regularly. Reading God’s Word with the intent of transforming your life into the image of Christ is exciting! It is challenging! It is demanding! It is urgent!

 “Read your Bible!”

…with the intent of transforming your life to the image of Christ.