The holidays are not happy for some of us this year.  For some it’s been a difficult year of hardship and loss.  For most of us the holidays are at least a time when we tend to remember and think about those who have gone before us.  For me, it’s a time when I think of mom and dad more often and when the words, “do you remember” seems to come out of my mouth more.  Holidays can be very painful and difficult for many…especially for those who have experienced loss in the past couple of years.

I found this Christmas poem called, “Someone Is Missing at Christmas” and it goes like this: “Let this be a loving reminder that someone is missing today, someone our hearts still hold on to, as we travel along life’s way.  Someone who made life so special, for all those who gather here, someone who won’t be forgotten but cherished from year to year.  And now as we pause to remember, let us all fondly recall, how dearly each of us loved her/him and oh…how she/he loved us all.” This is something we all can relate to.

If loss is something you are struggling with this season join us for a Blue Christmas service on December 8th with a soup dinner starting at 5:30pm.  A Blue Christmas service is designed to help those of us struggling or those of us who just want to take time to remember those who are missing from our celebrations and family gatherings.  This year’s worship will be filled with music, song, and joy.  Hopefully one will walk away encouraged and blessed. Come and give voice to the longing of your heart.  All are welcome.

– Pastor Kathy Bartels