One of the traits I am beginning to ask of all those who call Orchard Hill home, is that they develop a “missionary mind-set” when strolling through our lobby before or after our services. We know that every week we have visitors to Orchard Hill and that every Sunday is someone’s first Sunday.  This means we don’t have to go to a distant country to reach new people.  They are coming to us and in our presence every week.  Unfortunately, many of them will slip right out the back door for one simple reason:  they didn’t connect with anyone.   But if we embrace a “missionary mind-set” in our lobby, we will view the lobby as a place we are called to serve others and we will be looking for those who are new to Orchard Hill.  Rather than first seeking out our groups of friends, we look for those who are standing alone or isolated and help them connect to others in our church family.  

Would you be willing to help Orchard Hill grow in this way?  Make sure that no one passes through our doors without hearing more than a half-hearted “good morning”.  Let’s welcome people and say: “HELLO”

H – (Hello) Greet them and make eye contact with them.
E – (Engage) Demonstrate that they matter and pick up on a need or interest. Ask questions.
L – (Listen) Actively listen to them and don’t interrupt. This is not about your agenda.
L – (Listen some more) Make sure your body language shows you are engaged. Especially your eyes. Ask clarifying questions.
O – (Offer assistance) Make them your responsibility to help them find a seat, a bathroom, some coffee, the place to check kids in. Take them, don’t point them. Bring them into connection with one or two other people you know at Orchard Hill.

As we continue to seek people out in our lobby, we will close down that back door and all will know that Orchard Hill is a place where they are loved and belong.

Pastor Bob – Lead Pastor