Questions about Outreach?

 Upcoming Opportunities to Give and Serve:

  • June
    • Invite someone to experience the truth of the gospel by reading through one of the gospels with you.
    • Invite someone to your home to watch the live stream service together (when the ban is lifted and it is appropriate to do so)! 
    • Support the church-wide Mission India Relief Project:

      In the face of COVID-19, the Prime Minister of India has shut down the country, leaving those who live hand-to-mouth (80+ million people) in a place of hunger and desperation- a literal life or death matter. In this time of need, God has provided a wide-open door to sharing the good news in India and Orchard Hill Church is saying “Yes!” to running through it with our partner, Mission India, as they bring food, healthcare, and the truth of Jesus to those very people!

      Say “Yes!” with us by:

To learn more about the crisis, watch the video update from Mission India:


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