We are excited to meet for on-site worship at Orchard Hill!

Beginning September 13, we will be implementing updated protocols for On-Site worship at Orchard Hill. Please be sure to be familiar with the updated protocol listed below and sign up below to attend worship!

Sign Up for the On-Site Worship Gathering

As we gather together again, we are seeking to follow CDC guidelines for large group gatherings. This means space is limited at the on-campus church gathering. Anyone wanting to worship at Orchard Hill Church must sign up each week to attend the service. Sign up by clicking on the black button below and please make sure you sign up for the total number of people attending.

If you do not have access to the internet or you need assistance signing up, you may call the church office at (616) 784-4060 and Terri will reserve your place.

Infants and Children Note: No nursery will be available during the service. Children’s Ministry will be open for preschool – 5th grade. If you are not comfortable with your children joining the children’s ministry activities, individual activity bags are available at the check-in desk for your children to use in the service.

Updated On-Site Worship Gathering Checklist

1) Join only if you are healthy! If you are feeling sick, running a fever, or have been exposed to someone with the virus, please take advantage of our online worship option.

2) Sign up and let us know you are coming! Follow the link on this page to access the sign up for On-Site worship.

3) Bring your items with you. We have removed Bibles, pens, and note-taking materials from the pews.

4) Join with others On-Site when the doors open at 9:50 AM.

5) Put a smile and your stylish mask on your face! Masks will be required for moving and music. When you are seated and listening, masks may be removed.

6) Give and air hug/high-five to the greeter at the door and sanitize those praise hands as you enter the building.

7) Love thy neighbor… 6 feet apart. Please practice social distancing.

8) Worship God with your gifts and offerings as you enter the sanctuary. Offering boxes are located on the sanctuary doors so that we no longer need to pass the plate.

9) Prepare your hearts to worship God in spirit and in truth. Our worship will be heartfelt and simple. Our worship leader and preaching pastor will not have a mask on when they are up front.

10) Receive the blessing and exit the building directly to live as the people of God. Refreshments will not be served prior to or following the service. Please do not gather in the lobby or other common spaces, and note that only two people are allowed in the bathrooms at any given time.