We are excited to meet for on-site worship at Orchard Hill!

Please be familiar with the following up-to-date protocols for on-site worship at Orchard Hill:

On-Site Worship Gathering Checklist:

1) Join only if you are healthy! If you are feeling sick, running a fever, or have been exposed to someone with the virus, please take advantage of our online worship option.

2) Put a smile and your stylish mask on your face as you move through the lobby! Once you are seated, asks may be removed.

3) Strive to practice social distancing.

4) Use the “Mask Zone” for extra caution. The “Mask Zone” is the seating section located closest to the East entryway where masks and social distancing are required at all times during the service.

5) Present God your gifts and offerings. Please use the offering boxes on the sanctuary doors as you enter the sanctuary, or online through MoGiv.

6) Worship God with your heart, soul, and mind.

7) Receive the blessing and please wear your mask as you exit or engage in conversation with others. At this time refreshments will not be served prior to or following the service.