ICCF Build

In March of 2020, the Orchard Hill Adult Mission Team spent a week renovating and restoring four homes in Grand Rapids as a part of the Inner City Christian Federation’s Community Homes Initiative. This initiative works in our city to restore homes in need of repair to be rented or sold at an affordable rate for those in need of affordable housing. In the midst of the housing crisis facing our city, this was one tangible way we felt we could address homelessness and the need for an affordable and safe home, with the love of Christ!

This fall, Orchard Hill is excited to once again have the opportunity to partner with the Inner City Christian Federation to renovate a home on the northwest side of Grand Rapids as a part of their Community Homes Initiative. This home will be used to house our neighbors in need, in the name of Jesus!

Our goal is to have this home completely renovated and ready to go by mid-December. We are asking the Orchard Hill Church family to volunteer to serve as a part of the home renovation! Bring your skills and tools, or come ready to serve and learn! We will be at the home every Saturday between now and Dec. 5, along with other necessary dates added as the project develops.

Join in the adventure with Orchard Hill and the Inner City Christian Fellowship on this home renovation! Follow the button below to sign up and keep our team and our city in your prayers!

*We ask that you do not sign up for a Saturday until the description of the work involved has been posted for that date. We will know what kind of work will be done and what kind of volunteer help we will need after the previous week’s group has finished! Space is limited to 10 people per Saturday due to the ICCF’s new COVID-19 protocols. Stay tuned and mark your calendars!*

**Participants must be 16 years of age or older to volunteer.**